Okay, ladiez. The days of boy germs have gone the way of Asteroids. Hot guys are into games now, and we're just as hooked as the nerds. So where do you go to meet these hunky dreamcakes?

Enter the Frag Doodz, a group of hot dudes out to have a little fun. We're here to represent the beefcakes in gaming with the taste and talent for beating you at your own games. So, for all you chicks who think the only guys in gaming are the pecil-necked, pimple-faced pre-adolescents, think again. We're real, and we've got the skills to teach you a few tricks of our own. So hang around and check out our blogs, or come challenge us online. You just might learn something.

frag /frag/ n. & v. · n. 1 number of kills. 2 a fragmentation grenade. · v. 1 to eliminate other players in multiplayer shooters (fragging).

dude {buzzword} /dood/ n. 1 The universal pronoun. 2 Adj - expression of emphasis, amazement, or awe; duuuude.

frag·dood /fràgdood/ n. 1 a hot guy gamer with the skills to dominate in multiplayer shooters. 2 a hunk with the sass and skillz to invoke expressions of amazement or awe.

Illustrations by David Candland