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To find a specific issue, use the Search bar located above to find help articles and troubleshooting tips. If you received an in-game error message, just enter the name of the error as it appears in-game.

New updates:

For all other questions, please visit our Help forum staffed by community mentors who can help. You can also check back here for updates.
Bungie is actively investigating networking issues that players can't solve alone.
Click the title above for updates on how Bungie is working hard to get Destiny players connected and keep them connected.
Destiny Trial and Demo FAQ
A FAQ for the Destiny Trial and Demo experiences.
Network Troubleshooting Guide
A guide to troubleshooting network settings for the optimal Destiny experience
Getting Configured: A guide to configuring your NAT settings.
To get the best experience, your NAT will need to be configured correctly. A Type 1 NAT (PlayStation) or an Open NAT Type (Xbox) is preferred. Please click the title above for more information.

This special offer has now expired. 
However, if you're experiencing issues where you cannot access your Sparrow you have previously used, please check this FAQ. 

Sometimes I use an Ammo Synthesis pack and it doesn't work.
We are aware that some players are having difficulties when using their ammo synthesis packs. We are investigating this issue and will try to get this resolved as quickly as possible. 

In the meantime, make sure you have verified the following actions for your inventory:
  • Make sure your consumable inventory isn't full, as "sitting on" many Ammo Synthesis stacks may have to do with the issue.
  • If your consumable inventory is looking full, place some Ammo Synthesis stacks in your Vault to help prevent the above-mentioned issue.

I played through the weekly events multiple times and stopped receiving rewards.
Unlike other activities, Nightfall, Heroic Strike, and Raid use a weekly lockout for earning activity-specific rewards. Players have until Tuesday 9 AM UTC to complete any Nightfall, Heroic Strike, or Raid activities otherwise their progress will be reset. 
Please click the title above for more information on weekly lockouts.
I keep receiving an online permissions or profile sign in error that doesn't have a code name attached to it.
If you are receiving the error message "Your permissions to access online multiplayer may have changed or your profile may have been signed in elsewhere." you may be encountering different issues. Please click the title above to see more information. 
I accidentally dismantled an item I wanted to keep, how do I get it back?
The following services cannot be provided: 

  • Recovery of dismantled items
  • Reset character features
  • Transfer of items between platform accounts
  • Reset or refund weapon and armor upgrades
  • Refund currencies on accidental purchases
  • Revert Exotic Bounty choices
  • Refund materials on accidental reforged weapons
  • Restore deleted characters

The choices you make in Destiny are often permanent. Please be careful when you perform any of the above actions.

Additionally, please use caution when sharing your account and characters
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